My Life As Dolls on Sale for $28.94 @

My Life As Dolls on Sale for $28.94 @

My Life As dolls are pretty much a more affordable version of American Girl, and the prices are even better right now, since Walmart Canada has them on rollback for $28.94!

These Walmart-exclusive dolls usually sell for $34.93 – which definitely beats a $100+ price tag!

Like American Girl dolls and Newberry dolls, they stand 18" tall, which means most outfits and accessories will fit all three brands. They also come in different skin tones and hair colours.

My Life As dolls are all posable, with soft toros and eyes that open and close. Their hair is rooted, which means you can brush and style it as much as you want!

Here are the ones still in stock:

Orders over $50 ship free.


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