Free Shipping on $35 Spend Free Shipping on $35 Spend


This is a nice offer from especially for us Canadians! When you spend $35 at you will get your shipping for free. I tested this out on the Mosaic Frame, probably one of the most expensive items to have shipped and it discounted all $33.25 of shipping to FREE. So sweet! So for all your business cards, stickers, holiday cards, and various other needs, check out Moo!

I got my Mini business cards in a few days ago along with the cheapest holder they had, and may I say they are awesome. I used all my own pictures for the art work.. and I suddenly feel like an accomplished photographer. They are BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't be happier. I went mini because I am not some big time business person, and I wanted something that suited my artistic but non-intrusive self. They are wonderful! Both Anna and I enjoy this company.

Remember: all prices in USD as this is a US company.


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