Mightyleaf.ca Discount

Mightyleaf.ca Discount


From now until Labour Day, Mightyleaf.ca has a special discount on the lovely iced teas on their site. All prices have been reduced by an extra 10%.

You don't need a special coupon code or anything, the prices are already showing the extra discount amount. For example, this Black Currant Iced Teais normally $17.50 for a 10 bag tin, but it's now $15.75.

If you're a big tea drinker, you might be interested in this deal. There are also a few other things to mention about orders for mightyleaf.ca. With every order, you get 2 free samples. Shipping in Canada is a flat rate of $10.95, unless you spend over $99 for free shipping.

It's a pretty specialist site, so I know this deal isn't going to appeal to everyone. I doesn't actually appeal to me, because I don't like herbal and flavoured teas at all! Do you?


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