You and Your SO Can Buy Matching Undies!

The kind of coordination you never knew you needed
You and Your SO Can Buy Matching Undies!

Okay, on a scale of one to 10, how annoyed do you think my husband would be if I bought us some of these? As you might have noticed, MeUndies is pretty quickly becoming one of my favourites places to buy undies, and their matching pairs are a big reason why I love them. I mean, who doesn't want to coordinate like this?

As MeUndies says on their website, "it's easy to match your bottom half to your better half." This whole concept seems to be designed with couples in mind, but I have to say: it would be pretty cool if all your bridesmaids wore matching, goofy undies while you were getting ready! And you have to see these patterns ...

First, MeUndies will direct you to choose a pair for yourself. Select whether you wear men's or women's underwear, and then choose your style and size. Then, do the same for your honey or BFF. Once that's all settled, MeUndies will show you a bunch of different patterns side-by-side, so you can figure out which one would be best for you. And if you're wondering, their holiday styles are now in stock!

Then, you can either choose to purchase undies once or sign up for a MeUndies membership. If you choose to join the club, you'll receive discounted pairs every month until you choose to opt out. As you shop, just keep in mind that everything is priced in USD, but shipping costs to Canada are actually pretty minimal.

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