The Subscription You NEED for Christmas

MeUndies delivers new underwear to your door every month
The Subscription You NEED for Christmas

I have to say, if there's one club I never thought I'd join, it would be something to do with underwear. But that was before I heard about MeUndies. If you haven't already seen their ads on Facebook, here's what you need to know: MeUndies sells some of the wildest pairs out there, and they can ship a pair to you every month.

Now when I say "wild," I'm not talking about anything risqué. I just mean their underwear is covered in some of the wackiest patterns and characters I've ever seen. They just launched a new Rick & Morty print, and I've also seen Star Wars pairs from them. They even released a collection that glows in the dark!

They sell underwear, yes, but also bralettes, socks, loungewear, accessories and more. And the easiest way to try out all the patterns and goodies MeUndies can offer is to sign up for a membership.

How does a MeUndies subscription work?

When you sign up for a MeUndies membership (also known as a MeUndies subscription), you'll have a "super-soft pair of undies" delivered to your door every month. Members have access to exclusive prints and discounts that aren't available to just any shopper. You sign up online, and all you have to do is choose your favourite style, size and cut and wait for it to show up at your house! You can select a classic, bold or adventurous plan based on the kind of pairs you'd like to receive. If you want to mix it up the next month and choose something completely different (or skip a delivery or two) that's your call as well.

How much does a MeUndies membership cost?

When you go to order your first pair or undies or socks as a member, you'll pay $16 for men's undies, $14 for women's undies or $8 for socks. All these prices are listed in USD (as is everything else on their site), and members can also access special pricing on other things bought outside a monthly subscription.

Does MeUndies ship to Canada?

Do you think we'd be talking about this if they didn't ship to Canada? As of May 2018, MeUndies offers premium shipping methods specifically for Canadians, which should make the whole delivery process a little simpler. Shipping for all regular (non-member) orders is $6 USD, and members only have to pay $3 USD per order. They also cover all the duties and taxes, so you don't have to worry about those.

Can I gift a MeUndies membership to somebody else?

You bet! I'm bringing this up right before Christmas, because a MeUndies subscription would probably be perfect for somebody on your shopping list. You can either buy a MeUndies gift card that your lucky friend or relative can use to sign up for their own monthly deliveries, or you can set up a membership using their name and delivery address. Just make sure you know their size(s) before you place that order!

When does MeUndies release new designs?

If you're already a member, you'll have access to an exclusive print that's revealed on the first Tuesday of every month. These limited-edition pairs are made specifically for people with subscriptions, so if you see something you like, make sure you sign in to your account and place an order before they're all gone! Three additional prints are also released throughout each month (usually one per week), but there's no set schedule.

How do I cancel my MeUndies membership?

Ready to quit? If, for whatever reason, you're done with your MeUndies membership, just sign into your account and hit the "Manage Your Pair" button. Then, select "Order Settings" and choose to either skip the next month's shipment or cancel your membership entirely. Just save the changes when you're done.

Where can I find a MeUndies promo code?

If you've never bought anything from MeUndies before and a single pair (or two or three) catches your eye, there's still a way you can save. Just enter your email to subscribe to the MeUndies newsletter, and they'll send you a promo code for 15% off your first order! The only thing you can't use it on is packs.

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