Metal Loft Bed, $243.99 W/Free Shipping @

Metal Loft Bed, $243.99 W/Free Shipping @

My daughter's friend has been looking for a loft bed frame and we spotted this Metal Twin Loftbed by Home Loft Conceptsat It's selling for $243.99, down from $551.99. You can buy this bed frame in white, black, or silver tone. Although it's not a loft bed with a built-in desk, I like this better because you can choose the furniture you want to place underneath. Check out some of the stylish furniture pieces that Wayfair has paired with the bed. Love it! The sleek design of the loft bed frame also means more space in the room.

It's a good idea to consider getting a loft bed before the kids head back to school. You can free up studying space in their room by having a loft bed in there.

When my daughter was younger, she begged us for a loft style bed. She declared she would use it for studying and school work. Once she got her loft bed, it swiftly transformed into a tent underneath for friends, a hideaway with her dog and cats, and most importantly of all an art studio. Sure, some studying was done as well.

The best thing about the loft bed is - everything! The worst part is 'middle-of-the-night-sickness-down-the-ladder.' Luckily though, (insert rolling eye emoticon here) I was standing right by the ladder after my daughter had called out to me. She didn't fall out of bed, at least.

Here's the scoop on's shipping policies. They offer free shipping on orders over $75. (Some oversized items can't ship without additional charges, but this one ships for free.) They will always clearly show you if there are extra charges, as you proceed to the checkout. There is no duty because it's included in the cost. Finally, you are charged in CAD currency.


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  • BookieMonster

    Loft beds save significant floor space so are great for smaller or shared bedrooms. 

    • Eryn

      Good point, excellent for shared rooms. Thanks for your comments!