Mega Bloks - Create ’n Play Endless Building (750-pc) Set Only $15 @

Mega Bloks - Create ’n Play Endless Building (750-pc) Set Only $15 @


If your child is into building blocks and you are on a budget, then pick up this giant tub of Mega Bloks. The Mega Bloks - Create ’n Play Endless Building! (295) was $21.95 but is now only $15. The building block set comes with 750 pieces for truly endless play. You can get this box of blocks shipped to your local Canada Post outlet for free (or a Grab & Go location).

It is really hard to find that quantity of building blocks for such a great price. While Mega Bloks is often seen as a more affordable version of LEGO, it is compatible with LEGO and can be an inexpensive way to expand your child's collection. As this reviewer said:

Good quality product that provides endless imaginative play. These are the same size as the regular Lego blocks and can be used with Lego sets. These can also clip on top of the "pegs" of the Mega Bloks one size bigger, for even more building possibilities.

I like the compatibility options of these building sets. This large bundle (750 pieces is just massive) will keep your child entertained for ages. With multi-colour and multi-style blocks, your child can build ships, animals, boats, houses, and more. I like all the different shapes like these little green sloped pieces that work perfectly for trees but could also be used for the edge of a roof and other things.

Now, I price compared this set with a few other retailers. This set has a MSRP of $27.99 at Mega Bloks' website. I also found this set for $32.40 fulfilled by Amazon Canada. Given that this box is nearly half the price of the suggested retail price, I think we have a good deal here.

This tub of blocks would make a fantastic Christmas gift for your young one. it could also be given as a combined gift to your children as a way to promote sibling love and sharing. The set is certainly big enough for two!

As per usual, Walmart deals can sell out at any time. This tub is already sold out at all my local Walmart stores.

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