Mastermind Toys: Special Offers

Mastermind Toys: Special Offers


Mastermind Toys is a Canadian toy store with retail locations in Ontario as well as an online store that ships throughout Canada and the US. They have some good promotions on now. While browsing their website, I found some alternative toys that you might not find at your local Toys R Us store.

Here's a rundown of the specials on now:

Mastermind Toys also offers free gift-wrap and personalized gift tags! Very helpful when you are buying gifts for birthdays or holidays and plan on shipping them directly. It's so much nicer when the recipient gets the gift wrapped as opposed to just sitting in the box.

Mastermind's shipping policy is a little different from most retailers.  They don't have a set shipping price. Instead, their policy is to charge customers for the actual cost of shipping.

Mastermind's shipping policy is to pass on the actual cost for all Web orders with no handling charges and no uplift on these costs. This means substantial savings to our customers when compared to "over the counter" prices from your local carrier. The rates used are Mastermind's volume discounted rates based on size and weight of orders. This saving is passed on to our customers without exception.

When I tested the shipping prices for three 4M craft kits, the shipping to my address was $9.10.  The price to ship 3 packages of Silly Bandz was $9.11.  I would have thought that the Silly Bandz would ship for at least half that price since they would be small enough to fit in an envelope.  So, watch your shopping cart to see what your shipping charges will be before you checkout.


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