MacPaw Software: 50% off CleanMyPC or CleanMyMac 2 (Only $20)

MacPaw Software: 50% off CleanMyPC or CleanMyMac 2 (Only $20)

Take all the work out of cleaning your computer with CleanMyPC and CleanMyMac 2.

First things first, the Macpaw links above get you the discounts. If you just go to the MacPaw website (which the image links to) and look for these deals, you wont see them.

CleanMyPC is normally $43.46 but you save $21.74 and pay $21.72. The link for CleanMyMac saves you $19.98 off of the normal $39.95 price tag. You get it for only $19.97.

I don't really have a use for these types of programs. It's because I'm a computer nerd. I do computer stuff for my day job, my specialty when I got my Electrical Engineering degree was Computer Systems, my passion is computers. It's what I do. Taking time to optimize my system is fun for me. I'm not the norm.

Normal people don't take pleasure in making sure their cache and temp files are always cleared. That's where programs like CleanMyPC and CleanMyMac 2 come in to play. These programs do all the work for you. Both of these programs will clean up old, left over and unneeded files on your computer but they also have a bunch of utilities that help keep your PC running smoothly.

If you don't get all excited over computer maintenance, then check out one of these programs. Both of them have 4/5 stars from customer reviews on CNET.

There is no shipping as these are software downloads.

(CleanMyPC Expires: 5th September 2013)

(CleanMyMac 2 Expires: 4th September 2013


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