These LUSH Bath Oil Tablets are Ornaments!

You know I love a good multi-purpose gift
These LUSH Bath Oil Tablets are Ornaments!

Christmas is less than a week away, but I won't stop talking about this year's LUSH holiday collection until it's at least January. Their goodies are just that good! And there's one new kind of item that I don't think I've really touched on yet ... but they absolutely deserve some of your attention. They're these bath oil tablets.

Each one looks like it has the simplest construction, but these bath oil tablets are actually works of genius. The holiday-themed tablets all come on a piece of twine, so you can dip them into the tub and use only a little bit at a time – or you can hang these as ornaments on your tree! It might not be the safest if you have pets or young children, so I'd put them in the higher branches until you're ready for a relaxing bath.

So what exactly are they? Take the Retro Tree Bath Oil Tablet as an example. It costs $8.95, and all you have to do is either break off a piece or run the entire tablet under your faucet for a little while. They're pretty similar to bubble bars, except these bath oils are all about creating silky, smooth water – not bouncing bubbles.

Some reviewers say you get more uses out of these tablets than you would with more traditional bath oils, and that's perfect for me! I always want to have a relaxing bath and feel a little pampered, but I tend to run through my bath and bubble products way too quickly. Oh, and today only, priority shipping is just $10!

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