LogMeIn Pro: 30 Day Free Trial

Sometimes you just need something on your computer. Instead of calling your family and harassing them into finding the doc you need and reading it to you or emailing you that file that you've buried 17 levels down in some convoluted file tree, log in and do it yourself with LogMeIn Pro.

Seriously though, how annoying is it to be the person calling or the person being called in the situation I mentioned above. I've been both and it sucks. I think, being an IT guy, it's more annoying for me to be the person calling. I know exactly how to do what I need done and generally the person I'm calling doesn't, so I get frustrated when they can't figure it out. It isn't their fault, I'm just a tech elitist who looks down upon the technically disinclined with disdain and hatred from atop my pile of BNCs and USB keys. *cough*

Right, so this is a great service that, after the free trial, has a great price of $70/year. That's cheaper than most other solutions out there. They even have a mobile app so you can access your computer from your tablet and phone. There are tons of use cases. You can use it to support your family's computers from away, you can use it to access your work computer, you can even use it to browse the Internet securely from an insecure location. LogMeIn has a good little bullet point run down of the features.

Experience the freedom of anytime, anywhere remote access.

  • Work from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Stay productive even when you’re on the go
  • Balance your work life and your personal life

Remotely take care of business.

  • Control your desktop from any computer
  • Watch videos in HD and stream sound remotely
  • Transfer files between computers
  • Print remote files to your local computers
  • Share a large file without using email attachments, FTP or a third-party site

(Expires: Unknown, likely never)

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  • Meena
    There is another way to transfer big files over the internet. Binfer is a great alternative for transferring big files. Much safer option that FTP.

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