LG 42” LCD 1080p TV For $499.88 @ Sears.ca

LG 42” LCD 1080p TV For $499.88 @ Sears.ca


If you’ve been hunting for a new TV in the boxing day sales, I’ve just spotted one on Sears.ca that might do the trick. They are selling the LG 42LD450 for only $499.88 – it’s a 42” LCD full HD (1080p) TV.

The LG 42LD450 seems to be a good price, as I have price compared with a few other major retailers and here are the results: $570 at The Source, $600 at Future Shop, $580 at Best Buy.

I also have a 42” 1080p TV, and I love it. It’s a perfect size for my room, and everyone comments that it has an excellent picture.

Avigayil and I were chatting about screen size and resolutions recently, as she was contemplating getting a 1080p TV for a small room. I did the obligatory googling to find out about what benefit the better resolution was, depending on how far away you are sitting from the screen. Apparently, sitting too close means that you see the pixilation, so doesn’t make for a good viewing experience. So for a 42” 1080p TV, ideally you should be at least 5 and a half foot from the screen to see the image at its best.


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