LEGO Minifigures Disney Series 2 is Here!

LEGO Minifigures Disney Series 2 is Here!

If there are any LEGO Minifigures collectors in our midst, it's time to crack open your wallet ... because the newest line of little characters is here. Yup, I'm talking about a SECOND Disney series!

This is the next instalment of LEGO Disney Minifigures, and now you can unwrap and collect characters like Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Jasmine and Jafar from Aladdin and even Donald Duck's three nephews.

Like most other LEGO Minifigures, characters from Disney Series 2 are sold individually in mystery bags – so you won't know which figure you get until you open it up! There are 18 new characters to collect in all, and each mystery bag sells for $4.99 directly from the LEGO Canada website.

There's a little twist on this new collection, since every character comes with one or more accessories (plus a display baseplate and a collector's leaflet). Here are all the new-for-2019 characters:

  • Vintage Mickey
  • Vintage Minnie
  • Hercules
  • Jack Skellington
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Huey
  • Dewie
  • Louie
  • Chip
  • Dale
  • Jasmine
  • Jafar
  • Hades
  • Elsa
  • Anna
  • Sally
  • Edna
  • Frozone

Can't find the vintage Mickey and Minnie figures in your mystery bags? You can guarantee you'll get them if you purchase the new greyscale LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie set. It's modelled after the original Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1928, and it comes with BOTH the Vintage Mickey and Vintage Minnie Minifigures.

No matter what you buy, remember that you're limited to 36 mystery bags per order, and you have to spend at least $35 to qualify for free shipping from LEGO Canada (which works out to eight bags).


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