LEGO Costume Head $12.99 or Full Costume $61.25 @

LEGO Costume Head $12.99 or Full Costume $61.25 @

LEGO is popular with kids and they'll love being a LEGO Deluxe Ninjago Lloyd or Kai 'minifigure' for Halloween! This is a licensed product and all details have been included to make this costume an authentic full-size replica of a Lego mini figure. Included is the Minifigure tunic, pants, mask and pair of LEGO hands.

The LEGO Ninjago Lloyd (green) costume sells for $61.25 and you can select from boys sizes small, medium and large. These ones selling for $61.25 are sold and the order is fulfilled by

It may say boys sizing on these costumes but obviously girls might love this costume equally! You may also choose the Kai Deluxe Ninjago Lego Costume in red, with 3 different boys sizes from small to large, also priced at $61.25.

If you want to purchase only the cool LEGO head to save some money, (could try making your own tunic?) you can buy this LEGO head here for $12.99 in various colours as well as the must-have LEGO hands here for $16.99.

You'll definitely get this costume on time for Halloween.

Shipping is free.


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