Lego Angry Birds Bird Island Egg Heist $35 & Free Shipping @ Costco

Lego Angry Birds Bird Island Egg Heist $35 & Free Shipping @ Costco

I will admit to being one of the fourteen people in the world who has never downloaded or played Angry Birds. But with the movie coming out, these plucky little birds seem to be everywhere—even on our beloved Lego! Costco has a set on as a 'hot buy' this week and, after doing some price comparisons, it appears to be at least $5 less than anywhere else at $34.97. And they will ship it for free!

The set includes a whole whack of stuff! It comes with 3 Lego figures: Red, Matilda and Biker Pig. It features Matilda's house with staircase catapult (catapults are always hours of fun) and easel as well as branch, plant and flower elements. Piggy's trike has a giant front wheel, a box for eggs and even balloons. Other accessories include a spinning Billy the Sign, 4 eggs and 2 birds nests.

The story behind the Bird Island Egg Heist set is that Red's hot temper has landed him in an Angry Bird Anger Management Class at Matilda's House, but he's even angrier when a naughty piggy steals the eggs! Kids can catapult Red at the Piggy Trike and take the eggs from the box in the back. They can play out action-packed scenes from movie in order to return the eggs to the flock.

This Lego set sells for about $40 elsewhere and not one of those places will ship it for free on its own. Enjoy!

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