Koontz Science Toy BOGO—2 for $10 @ Mastermind Toys Canada

Koontz Science Toy BOGO—2 for $10 @ Mastermind Toys Canada

Do you remember what it felt like as a child, looking at a combination lock, and trying to figure out how it worked? What happened inside that lock that you couldn't see into, with each turn of the number? Well, now you and your child can learn about it with the Koontz Science Kit The Combination Lock. If that piques your curiosity, you can always graduate to the Koontz Science Kit The Safe.

The Koontz Science Kits are all made with durable, recycled cardboard—what a great idea! Also, all of these Koontz Science Kits from Mastermind Toys are exclusive to Mastermind Toys.

I remember breaking open a cardboard kaleidoscope as a young child, expecting to see the patterns displaying when I poured the beads out. Sadly, they were just beads. I guess I should have had one of these Koontz Science Kits, such as The Kaleidoscope.

Reverse Potential Energy is a breeze with this Koontz Science Kit The Boomerang Wheel. Push it forward and reverse potential energy is created as it turns and then converts it into motion to bring it back to you! Sometimes there really is nothing like hands on learning.

The last project, the Koontz Science Kit The Jet Car is exactly what it sounds like. The car is fast like a Jet, but is also propelled in a similar manner to a Jet. (Except in this case, a balloon is used to demonstrate the thrust.)

All in all, some wonderful science kits that are well worth only $5 a piece.

Shipping is free at MasterMind Toys on orders of over $60, otherwise shipping starts at around $13.

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