Kobo Coupon Code: $40 Off Kobo Aura

Kobo Coupon Code: $40 Off Kobo Aura


Good news for those who like to read! The Kobo Aura e-reader is $40 off directly from the Kobo website. You can enter the coupon code at the checkout to receive the discount and bring the price down to $99.99. Looking around the same Kobo Aura e-reader is still full price at Indigo, Best Buy and Future Shop for $139.99

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  • Coupon Code: JUSTFORYOU
  • Discount: $40 off
  • Expiry: 24th November 2014

If you already have a large phone or a tablet and are thinking why bother getting an e-reader if you can download books directly onto your device, I think there are a few outstanding benefits that made it a worthwhile purchase for me. I have personally found the e-readers to be much lighter to hold and the screen easier on the eyes. I have a tablet and the weight of the tablet is admittedly light, but as a regular reader over time I found that it was damaging my wrist to hold the tablet up while occasionally flicking as I read over long periods. With the e-reader I can hold it one handed with much less fatigue in my wrist.

Also I like to read before bed and the light from the tablet strained my eyes. Staring at screens all day like most of us do, it was a relief to have a more gentle glare-free light that the e-reader provided.

There is also a long battery life for the Kobo Aura and you can store up to 3,000 books, both of which are helpful if you are travelling or otherwise away from wifi access. It doesn't apply to me but, for someone who needs to read with a large font, the Aura offers a wide variety fonts and sizes. I really like the optional reader stats as well, so that I can keep track of the books that I have read and keep challenging my personal best.

If you had heard of e-readers and were curious about jumping on the e-reading bandwagon, or if you are looking for a gift for the bookworm in your life now is a good time to snag one. At $99.99 it is a bargain price, much cheaper than a new tablet, and could be just the thing to encourage you or your loved ones in the goal of reading more.

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