Kobo Books: 99 Cent eBooks

Kobo Books: 99 Cent eBooks


Kobo books has some cheap ebooks on now. Prices start at 99 cents!

If you like chick lit, try Total Waste of Make-Up ($3.29) orTruly Madly ($3.29). Looking for a mystery? Dying for Mercy with Bonus Material ($1.99) or Darkness Under the Sun ($1.99) look interesting. If you are in need of some relationship advice, Better Love Next Time: How the Relationship That Didn't Last Can Lead You To The One That Will ($0.99) got a 4/5 star rating by 8 people!

I've got so many books on my ereader, but at these prices, I can't help but stock up. Now, just to find the time to read them all!

Prices subject to change without notice.


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  • Jennifer G.
    Go check out my eBooks at Kobo! The sequel to Sway, Compass, is now available for 99 cents! These novels are based on my experiences as a hard of hearing teen featuring real life situations. Enjoy!
    • Jodie
      Thanks for sharing Jennifer! I'll definitely check out your books!
      • SusanPaulsonClark
        THE RELATIONSHIP SHOPPE: A Novel is available on Kobo for 99 cents! Do you enjoy women's fiction? This book is "an overall delightful, engrossing read filled with emotional twists and turns." - Diane Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review