Kid’s Activity Books for $2 Each! ( Filler Items)

Kid’s Activity Books for $2 Each! ( Filler Items)


If you don’t yet have Amazon Prime membership (why not!?), then you’ll be very aware of the $25 free shipping threshold on their site. If you order things on Amazon on a regular basis, you’ll maybe want to know about some “filler items” that you can use to top up your shopping cart to the $25 mark. I’ve spotted a number of kid’s sticker books and activity books, which start at $2 each – I thought I’d list them here for your convenience!

I’m just going to show you a large list, and you can click through to the titles that are of interest to you. Here they are!

Sticker Books:

Stencil Books:

Colouring Books:

Activity Books:

In my house, my girls cannot get enough of a variety of colouring books - they never go to waste. When we're going out to a restaurant, I always carry a colouring book and a couple of crayons in my purse, for young child entertainment emergencies!

So if you’re shopping online @ and don’t have prime, this could be handy to get your cart up to the $25 mark. Hope you find this useful, Moosers!

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