KFC Canada: $5 Fill-Ups!

KFC Canada: $5 Fill-Ups!


There are some new meal deals available from KFC Canada just now – there are four options, each for only $5! Read on for all the details:

Click here for the meal deal info @ KFC Canada now

The meal deals to choose from in the fill-ups offer are as follows:

  • 2 pieces of chicken (drumstick & thigh), fries or mash, medium drink & cookie
  • Popcorn chicken, fries or mash, medium drink & cookie
  • 1 piece white meat (rib), fries or mash, medium drink & cookie
  • Chicken bowl, medium drink & cookie

As you can see, they’re pretty good offers for only $5 each… definitely an option for a quick lunch if you’re on the go. OK, they’re obviously not the healthiest options on the planet… but we all crave a little fried chicken sometime.

You can actually order online too, if you feel the need and their checkout process is quite smooth. The standard delivery charge appears to be $5 though, so this simply does not make sense if you are only ordering one of the fill-up meals. However if there are a few of you placing an order and you just need some chicken brought to your door, it could make sense to order online.

Sorry to the Quebecois, this offer does not apply to the KFCs in your province!

There’s a KFC very near to my home which I have to drive by very often, and it always calls out to me! As soon as I see the KFC sign, my brain demands chicken. I’m not a big fan of their popcorn chicken or drumsticks, but I much prefer their boneless items like crispy strips and chicken burgers. I also have memories of when I was a teenager, regarding KFC. My older brother and I would get a 15 piece bucket feast between us and scoff the lot. We didn’t share with anyone else in the house! Looking back now, I realise that was a heck of a lot of fast-food to be eating… but it was fun, eh!?

What’s your favourite chicken from KFC?

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