Keurig K10 Mini Plus, 50% Off - $69.99 @ Newegg Canada

Keurig K10 Mini Plus, 50% Off - $69.99 @ Newegg Canada

I am an avid Keurig brewer user, due to the convenience and ease of use. I appreciate I am using new coffee with each pod, and not coffee that is scooped out from a can.

When my family has been lucky enough to go to Disneyland, we are grateful for the mini Keurig brewers they have in the hotel room, and have often wanted to have a similar model. The compact size is simply beautiful. There is an energy saving mode that can perform an auto shut-off in 90 seconds. The water reservoir holds 10 oz.

Newegg Canada is offering the compact Keurig brewer, the K10 Mini Plus, for 50% off! The price is only $69.99 so it may sell out fast. This brewer is a bit tricky to come by, as well. It is not widely available in the market, and prices are much higher.

You can select from RED (Love that red color, thus, the shouting it out at you), black, or silver.A 6 Count Keurig Variety Sampler Included.

You know what is really appealing about this brewer? It's that you add the fresh water each time. Now, that is an ideal cup of fresh, hot tasty coffee from a Keurig brewer! If you want the best prices on Keurig pods, you will want to see our '20 deals on K-cups That will Help You Get Your Caffeine Fix' post. (Mmmmm. Caffeine!)

You will be able to purchase an extended warranty on this product if you desire and the amount of the warranty is reasonable. Keep in mind some credit cards will double the manufacturer's warranty if you use those to purchase, and Keurig themselves offer exceptional customer service. (I know from experience.) It doesn't hurt to look into an extended warranty plan, but hang on to your receipt and all warranty documentation from the original box, and you should be good to go, whatever you decide.

Shipping is $9.99, and if you are a Newegg Premier member (free 30 day trial when you sign up for the one year membership) shipping will be free. As always, read the fine print for details.

(Deal expiry: Unknown, while quantities last.)


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