20 Deals On K-cups That Will Help You Get Your Caffeine Fix

20 Deals On K-Cups - Caffeine Fix
15 May 2016

Edit: Pricing is up-to-date as of June 21, 2016

Many Canadians have a Keurig Brewer in their home. The convenience of popping a K-cup into the Keurig Brewer and brewing a quick cup of fresh, hot, great tasting coffee is a morning tradition for most of us.

At Bargainmoose we know our readers want to find the lowest prices available on all retail merchandise, and since we are all about finding our Bargainmoose readers the best deals, we want to uncover some of the hottest K-cup deals for you that are currently available.

You may have been purchasing your K-cups in-store while grocery shopping, it seems easy enough to do. Often though, the selection can be limited and sometimes prices can be higher in-store if you don't hit up your brand when it's on sale. It's a good idea to have a handy go-to list of on-line retailers such as this one below, that you can browse though on a regular basis and find the best deals for the various coffee selections that you enjoy.

What if you don't have a Keurig? No worries! We have spotted this beautiful shiny red Keurig Brewer 2.0 at Amazon.ca, for only $88. Edited: June 21, 2016 - Black, White and Red Model are $98.99 right now.

If you happen to have a Keurig that has broken down and is just sitting there, I would suggest contacting Keurig Canada and telling them about it. They provide friendly, helpful customer service and they can get you on the right path to brewing your K-cups again. (Even if your Keurig Brewer is out of warranty, they may still be able to offer you a substantial discount on a new model.)

  • Here's a list of some Canadian retailers that you can purchase K-cups from on-line (and some in-store), in no particular order:

1. Keurig.ca is a great place to start looking, as they have one of the widest selections of K-cups to choose from.

Current hot deals at Keurig.ca:

Edit: June 1, 2016 - 25% off of 25 + Pods & Accessories! Deal expires June 30, 2016, with prices as low as 53 cents on assorted varieties when purchasing the 24 pack for $16.99, less the 25% discount applied in cart.

Sale section at Keurig.ca

Free Sample With Purchase

Shipping is free on orders over $70 at Keurig.ca. Otherwise, shipping starts at around $4.95.

2. Amazon.ca offers some K-cup products that other on-line retailers don't seem to carry. The selection is vast, and sales run often. This is a solid choice for purchasing your K-cups. If you have an Amazon Visa, you even get 2% back on all purchases at Amazon.ca. If you apply for an Amazon Visa you receive $20 in Amazon credit to spend at Amazon right away, on the spot. How's that for a great coffee deal?

Current hot deals at Amazon.ca:

This San Francisco Bay 31101 One-Cup Single Serve Coffee Variety Pack, 80 count works out to 53 cents a cup after using a $5 coupon (just click on the coupon.) Reviews on this coffee are generally very good, and these K-cups are more friendly to the environment, obviously another plus.

Shipping at Amazon.ca is usually free on orders over $25, so shipping doesn't usually enter into play with K-cups if you purchase a couple of packs. Otherwise shipping starts at around $5 and up. Remember if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will receive free shipping with no minimum purchase on many of their K-cup products.

3. Canadian Tire does not offer shipping, but you can pre-order K-cups online and simply go into a Canadian Tire store to pick them up.

Current hot deals at Canadian Tire:

Canadian Tire has an interesting selection of a unique 'house' brand called Frank, with some excellent reviews. 3 different varieties are available: Light Roast and Dark Roast. It's already a good deal for only 55 cents per cup ($9.88 for 18 is reg. price), so it's one that's worth keeping an eye out for a sale to get a really hot deal.

4. London Drugs has a wide selection of coffee, and often has some on sale. Sometimes the shipping fee will decrease the value on your price per cup, though - you may wish to view prices on-line first, then go in-store to pick up.

Current hot deals at London Drugs:

This K-Cup 8 O'clock Variety Box of K-Cups is on sale for $18 down from $23, and you get 40 K-Cups. The reviews are impressive, and you are paying only 45 cents per cup!

Shipping is free only if you spend over $200, but otherwise starts at around $7.95.

5. Single Cup.ca is a good place to look if you want to purchase your coffee in bulk. They sell Green Mountain Coffee, GM Donut House Coffee, and more. It's easy to see on this website exactly how much money each cup of coffee is, they break it down and show you.

Current hot deals at SingleCup.ca:

Azzuro Bold Caramel in reg. or decaf is available for $8.90 for 18, (down from $10.90) which is only 49 cents each

If you purchase 7 boxes of selected K-cups, they give you the 8th box free, which works out to around 58 cents a cup, and around $112 in one order. This is probably another good website to keep an eye on different sales that arise.

Shipping is free over $60, otherwise starts at $15, so you will want to be purchasing over $60 on your order.

6. Costco.ca

Current hot deals at Costco.ca:

Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend containing 200 K-cups. EDIT: June 1, 2016 - The price is now $99.99, which is now 50 cents per cup. Reviews are a bit mixed, but there are definitely some very enthusiastic fans who love this coffee. The good thing is that if you don't like it, Costco understands and they have a satisfaction guarantee - if you don't like it, you may return it to any Costco Warehouse for a full refund.

If you shop at your local Costco (West) Warehouse, you can purchase the Van Houtte Original House Blend at $43.99 (55cents per cup), for 80 K-cups. On-line for this same brand the cost is 70 cents (96 K-cups for $66.99.)

Club Coffee Goodhost Dark Roast is only 42 cents a cup! Sold! You can purchase the Medium Roast if you prefer. $66.99 for 160 K-cups is an incredible deal on this tasty, full-bodied coffee.

Club Coffee Jumping Bean East Coast Roast Coffee Fairtrade and Organic is selling for $62.99 for 120 cups, which works out to 52 cents per cup.

Shipping at Costco.ca is always free, but an identical product sold on-line costs a bit more than the in-warehouse price. Costco.ca also offers a different variety online though so it's always worth checking out.

Traditional Coffee Blends

Canadian Tire, Amazon.ca, London Drugs and other retailers also carry the traditional coffee blends that so many of us have grown up with. If you haven't tried Nabob for a while, it's an absolute must. The taste of Nabob is the essence of an era gone by. Did you know it originated in Vancouver, B.C., in 1896? 120 years of making coffee probably makes them somewhat of an expert! Folgers was founded in 1850, in San Francisco. Maxwell House was created in 1892 and named after a Nashville, Tennessee hotel.

Here are some of the best current deals on these long times faves of Canadians @ Amazon.ca

Nabob -EDIT: June 1/16 -$10.98 for 12 = 92 cents per cup

Edit: June 21/16 - If you are not using a Keurig 2.0 or Keurig Vue, these are on sale for $5.75 for 12 K-cups!

Folgers- $18.99 for 30 = 63 cents per cup

Maxwell House - $7.97 for 12 = 66 cents per cup

Edit June 21, 2016 - $5.97 for 12 - 50 cents per cup

Restaurant K-cup Picks

Most recent to the K-cup scene have been the restaurant picks that many Canadians will vouch for as being the best K-cups ever:

Tim Horton's - This is available almost everywhere, just as Tim Horton's coffee and donut shops are available almost everywhere! You can buy 5 different varieties including decaf, plus a variety pack in-store and on-line through some retailers such as Amazon, for 67 cents a cup for the variety pack. I drink the decaf version, and it is really good. I dislike weak coffee, yet don't like a bitter after-taste, and this one really delivers. This is the one we drink daily. Edit: June 1/16 Both Costco West and East Locations now carry Tim Horton's, reg. and decaf flavours, at a regular price of $39.99 for 72, or, 56 cents per cup.

Starbucks - You can select from 6 different varieties (2 blonde roast, 2 med. roast, 2 dark roast varieties) such as this Starbucks Pike Med. Roast at a cost of $30.95 for 32. This means a fresh hot brewed Starbucks K-cup could cost 97 cents, which is higher than the average price of most K-cups, but it definitely is a premium brand that could be worth it for you. However, you can sign up for a newsletter and they will send you a coupon for 10% off of your order. You can bring that cup right down to only 77 cents if you purchase a larger 128 pack of Starbucks Pike Roast Med. Roast (or other varieties available) for $109.95, and then apply a 10% coupon code. That is a great deal on Starbucks! You also earn 2 Starbucks stars for every $1 that you spend. That's 54 Stars if you purchase the 128 pack! Shipping is free on orders over $75, or $7.95 otherwise.

McDonalds McCafe - Edit: June 1/16 - At 83 Cents at Amazon.ca, it would seem this is one of those premium coffees that would be worth seeking out a sale before purchasing. On the other hand, it could be well worth the cost. Some people prefer this one over Tim Horton's coffee, or, dare I say it... the other competition?

What is your preference between the three restaurant K-cup choices? Where are some of your favourite places to purchase your K-cups? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear your feedback! Who doesn't like coffee talk? (Said in my best fellow Canadian, Mike Meyers voice, from the SNL sketches.) ;)

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  • Moni

    Hi I purchase keurig coffee pods from CoffeeMarvel at coffeemarvel.ca -- they offer 10% off your first purchase and carry unique coffees & teas such as CakeBoss, Guy Fieri, and Skinny Girl. I believe they ship out of Ontario. They periodically offer discounts as well.

    • Eryn N. EDITOR

      Thanks for the money-saving tip! Our readers will appreciate your comments, as well. I'm craving some of those brands that you mentioned. :) 

  • Lora A.

    Walmart carries my favourite for about 61 cents per pod, lowest I can usually get for the flavour

    • Bargainmoose

      What's your fave?

    • Lora A.

      Folgers Caramel Drizzle

      • Natty2u

        Shoppers has those on sale often for 6.99 for a box of folders caramel drizzle  often

        • Eryn N. EDITOR

          Good to hear, because of the Shoppers Optimum points, too. Thanks!

    • Bargainmoose


  • Eryn N. EDITOR

    Nice! Have to try that one.


    I purchase French Kiss at ECS Coffee Stores for $0.50 per pod.

  • Eryn N. EDITOR

    The price is great, thanks for that tip! 

  • crissyj

    The superstore brand of K-Cups come in a 100 pack for $30 and its actually pretty good coffee! It's the cheapest I have come across so far.

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