Keurig Canada: $6 Off 3 Boxes Of Bestselling Coffee

Keurig Canada: $6 Off 3 Boxes Of Bestselling Coffee



Ring in the new year with Keurig's latest offer starting this morning: $6 off with every purchase of 3 boxes of Keurig's 2013 best selling coffees.

It looks like all of their k-cups are valid for the discount, from:  Donut House Regular, Van Houtte Original House Blend, and Breakfast Blend Coffee and any other that gets your taste buds tingling!

Regularly, a box of 24 k-cups retails on average for $17.45, but with the member discount that is automatically applied when you sign up for free, the box comes up to $15.71. This means that 3 boxes at member price total $47.13 and with the additional New Year's discount, you can get all 3 for just $41.13 ($13.71 per box or $0.57 per K-Cup).

As usual, free shipping is applied to all orders as well.

What is your favorite coffee in K-Cup format? Mine is currently a toss-up between Breakfast Blend and Hazelnut.

(Expiry: 9th January 2014)


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  • Ida
    I tried to purchase the Keurig stainless steel trave mug but I am not getting the 20% discount. I am only getting the 10% member discount.
    • Margarita D.
      Hi Ida, looks like that was only part of their Boxing Day special. I do hope they reduce it by that much again soon as I didn't have a chance to snag it either at that price.
    • jen
      Keurig site is very user friendly and they have great promos but I placed a order on December 10th and it still hasn't been processed or shipped. Because of that they gave me a coupon code for a free box with purchase and that was 5 days ago and hasn't been processed either. :( it was supposed to be a Christmas gift!
      • Margarita D.
        Hey Jen, I definitely agree with you there. It took a while for the order I placed in November to come as well but certainly not 3 weeks long! Have you tried asking their customer service? I can only assume that they probably have quite a backlog of Christmas orders but you definitely shouldn't have to wait 3 weeks.
      • Jen
        Hi margarita! Ya your right! That's ridicously long to wait. I did try calling twice but with my schedule the office hours were always closed everytime I did try calling. I was going to try calling again on Monday as I took a flex day and luckily they delivered it when I checked the mail that morning. (But no email saying it was shipped or a tracking number..) They were lucky or else they'd get a ear full haha. I still have to wait for my k cups tho!
        • Margarita D.
          Haha, well I'm glad you received some of your order at least, Jen! It would definitely be nice if they provided tracking numbers, so that customers didn't have to wonder about their orders as much... hopefully it will be a feature that they implement soon and I hope you get your k-cups asap as well... personally, I hate running out of k-cups, especially since I'm too frugal to buy them at full price, lol!