Kathy & Kim Originals: BOGO Free Personalized Bottles

Kathy & Kim Originals: BOGO Free Personalized Bottles


We got a lovely email from Kathy & Kim Originals letting us know that starting today when you order 1 stainless steel bottle, you will get a second one for free. Each bottle can be perfectly personalized with your own likeness and name. They cost between $26 - $28 each, so quite a nice gift with your purchase! No coupon is necessary, when your order ships a second identical bottle will be added at no cost.

Update: Updated post for correct product link. This offer is for all stainless steel bottles, not just the ones I had previously linked to that sold out.

This deals is on now, and goes till January 2nd at 6 am EST.


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  • Ju
    I tried...but it say that it is sold out! =(
    • Avigayil
      I emailed the company, hopefully they can fix this as the promotion just started this morning.
      • Avigayil
        It applies to all of these I just found out: http://kathyandkimoriginals.com/stainlesssteelbottles-c-12.html?zenid=f6c62cfbbff6c14446f73201a674b276
      • Stephanie
        So sad - Sold out.
        • Avigayil
          Ok.. did some snooping and found out that the info I had was wrong... it is ALL their stainless steel water bottles. I'm updating the thread! But they aren't sold out.. and you have a ton more variety! Link: http://kathyandkimoriginals.com/stainlesssteelbottles-c-12.html?zenid=f6c62cfbbff6c14446f73201a674b276
        • Kim G.
          Thanks for posting! The buy one get one identical bottle FREE is for all our stainless steel bottles which can be found here : http://kathyandkimoriginals.com/stainlesssteelbottles-c-12.html?zenid=65d6f942bf92088517293e5d22ba83a7 Thanks so much! Happy New Year!!! Kathy and Kim
          • Stephanie
            Even when I go to the checkout to order 2, it doesn't show one free. What's up with that?
            • Avigayil
              It is automatically added when they ship. :-)
              • The H.
                Thanks for this. I was going crazy until I read the comments. :)
            • Kim
              Hey ya! The free bottle(s) will not show up at checkout or on your receipt. For each bottle you order we will create a second for free and add it into your order when it ships. Thanks!!
              • S
                how much is shipping?