Just $225 - Wii U Deluxe Super Mario 3D World Bundle [Refurbished] @ Nintendo.com Now!

Just $225 - Wii U Deluxe Super Mario 3D World Bundle [Refurbished] @ Nintendo.com Now!


Quick! The refurbished Wii U Super Mario 3D World bundle is down to just $225 at Nintendo.com right now.

Shipping is at a flat rate of $7 per order, but even with this fee, this is a far better deal than anywhere else. Both Walmart and Best Buy are selling non-refurbished Wii U consoles for $299, with these being nearly sold out at the former. Meanwhile, it was $229.99 at EB Games but is now currently out of stock.

I have this same bundle and let me tell you, I love it and I especially love the Super Mario 3D World game. My hubby and I are currently on the very last level and we have had loads of fun playing this game as a team for over a year now. You can of course beat it in less than a week if you're very dedicated but we have been taking our time.

This bundle comes with:

  • 32GB black console
  • Wii U gamepad
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Nintendo Land digital game
  • Sensor bar

Here's what one reviewer of the console had to say about it at Best Buy:

Give it a chance, Nintendo has always been able to make quality games over the past years. Their newest console- the Wii U is no exception. This is a system which proves power isn't everything. I use my Wii U all the time as its rather easy to get on the web to check something out, and has a wide variety of games to choose from (including backwards compatibility with wii games and virtual console).

The backwards compatibility is a huge advantage as if you have the initial Wii, then you will still be able to play your old games.

Refurbished electronics are an amazing way to save money without compromising on quality. If anything, you can rest assured that the electronic in question will actually last longer given that all the kinks and bugs have been fixed! Plus refurbished products sold directly from Nintendo are definitely nearly brand new, so even less worry there. All Nintendo refurbished systems also come with a standard 12-month warranty.

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  • Smoke
    Just wanted to say that I ordered this bundle just last night! Definitely an amazing deal right now and they will sell out like last time. They got Mario Kart on right now for $33 refurbished, but that means it has a 'refurbished' sticker/watermark on the case cover of the game. Not sure why they did that; I personally don't care, but some people do for vanity reasons I suppose. Can't wait for it to arrive. Been wanting this system for the last few months now.