Ikea Canada: Save 25% Off Shipping

Ikea Canada: Save 25% Off Shipping

If you are like a lot of Canadians and don't live near an IKEA store, you can shop online until 25th September, 2011 and get 25% off your shipping costs. There is no coupon code needed, the discounted shipping rate will be reflected in the shipping price shown.

I read online about someone who used EXPEDIT Bookshelves to create mudroom lockers. Basically they joined 4 of these tall bookshelves together, removed some of the shelves and added coat hooks to create individual lockers. Love this idea! The EXPEDIT bookshelves sell for $69 each. Interestingly, shipping for 1 bookshelf was the same as for 4! So, if you are placing an order, I would suggest loading up your cart or combining your order with a friend.

Expires: 25th September, 2011


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