Get 15% off the IKEA Desk Back-to-School Event

Get 15% off the IKEA Desk Back-to-School Event

Need a new desk before the school year starts? You're in luck, because IKEA Canada just launched a two-week sale on ALL their desks. Until Aug. 27, 2018, you can get any IKEA desk for 15% off!

While 15% off might not sound like the biggest discount in the world, remember that these are IKEA desks we're talking about. Everything is already priced pretty reasonably, and this deal means desks start at $42 (with laptop stands from just $25).

If you've been eyeing a standing desk, you can't really go wrong with the Skarsta Desk – especially since it's on sale for $237 (from $279). Just turn the handle on the side until the desk is at exactly the height you need.

Even if you don't have much space for a new desk (or a home office, for that matter), you can probably squeeze in this Kallax Desk Combination. It's a combined table and storage unit that lets you keep everything in one place, and it's down to $153.75 from $164.

IKEA Canada runs this sale every August (in time for back-to-school shopping). Like this year's event, it usually lasts for two weeks. If you need a new desk, it's always best to try and find one during this two-week window, because they may not go back on sale again until the next summer.

You can shop this sale in-store or online and opt for pick-up from one of their stores or delivery.


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