Heart Pounding Sound - Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506, $108 + Free Ship @ Amazon.ca

Heart Pounding Sound - Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506, $108 + Free Ship @ Amazon.ca

I have had my own Logitech surround sound speakers for years, and am still so impressed with the sound that they emit. My model has been discontinued for a long time, but this model is the replacement model for them.

The reviews on this506 speaker system by Logitech are stellar - The sound system is a real powerhouse. The Max (RMS) Output Power (Total) is 150 Watts, definitely enough power to properly fill the room, whether on a quieter level so as not to wake the kids, or, on a higher level when you are having a backyard BBQ! The clarity of these will definitely amaze you.

I noticed that $108 was a low price when I saw them on Amazon, but upon looking further, I noted that both Best Buy and Staples are selling them for $149.99 and 157.40, respectively. Even Logitech Canada is selling them for $149.99!

So for $108, you are getting around 28% off of the suggested retail price.

If your other half loves gaming on a computer, he will love getting these as a gift. He can also use these with various gaming systems. Your dad or father figure in your life may also appreciate a gift like this for Father's Day. The computer has to support surround sound, you can see on the back of the pc easily if it has the various sound connections. Actually, you can still use the speakers with a 2.1 set-up on the back of a pc, but you won't be getting the capability of having the surround sound using all of the speakers.

But...Why not think about getting these speakers for yourself? If you spend any time at all on your pc listening to music, watching movies, or YouTube videos, and if you are stuck with 2.1 speakers right now, why not treat yourself?

Logitech tends to offer a longer than usual warranty on their products. Even when a product is out of warranty, they have been good about ensuring I was able to purchase another product with a discount through them, even when I didn't initially purchase the product through them. This speaker set system has a 2 year limited warranty. If you purchase with a credit card that extends the manufacturer's warranty, as some do, then you would receive a 4 year warranty.

Shipping is free on this system! If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will of course receive your order even faster. Amazon Prime is free for 30 days with no obligation, and cancellation is simple to select (via online account settings), should you decided to do so, before you are even charged.

(Deal expiry: Unknown)


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