Ultimate Sky Chair $69.99 Shipped @ Costco Canada

Ultimate Sky Chair $69.99 Shipped @ Costco Canada

Okay, how fun is this chair?!

The Ultimate Sky Chair is now available at Costco for the lowest price I've seen in Canada, $69.99 shipped. Prices for this chair, or ones like it, typically start around $99.

I'll admit, I want one, but since it seems to be designed for the kids, I'll let them have it (and then sneak in when they're not using it since it holds up to 200 lbs)!

You can hang it in the playroom or a bedroom for the winter, then bring it outside for the summer. It includes an inflatable cushion to make it nice and comfy as well as 2 deep pockets to store books or toys. It also comes with 30 LED lights that are sewn into the opening, lighting up the reading nook.

The cost of shipping has been included in the price online, so you might even be able to find it cheaper at a Costco warehouse - and if you do please let us know!


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