Hairdorables Collectible Dolls Are Now in Canada!

Hairdorables Collectible Dolls Are Now in Canada!

Did you hear about these yet? If your kids love collectibles, you might want to prepare yourself for the next craze. They're called Hairdorables, and they're finally in Canada!

So I know what you're probably wondering: What are Hairdorables?

I think of them a little like LOL Surprise dolls, since they're pretty affordable (and obviously, adorable) surprise figures you can collect.

It all started when Noah (she's the one with teal hair who sometimes rides a skateboard) was giving a hair-braiding tutorial on YouTube. She fumbled over the words "hair" and "adorable" – and the phrase "hairdorable" was born. Her friends got in on the fun, and you can collect them all!

There are 36 Hairdorables dolls in total to collect (including two rare and one ultra-rare). Like LOL Surprise dolls, each package is full of a bunch of surprises (11 to be exact). Each surprise gives you clues about the personality and identity of the doll inside.

Each doll comes with accessories, and the lowest price we've found is at Walmart Canada (for $17.97 a doll). They're also available at Toys R Us Canada and (for about double the price).


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