Garage Clothing: Text In-Store for 10 - 50% Off

Garage Clothing: Text In-Store for 10 - 50% Off


Garage Clothing Canada sent us an interesting little deal: you can text from the cash and receive a coupon towards your purchase. The majority of the info Garage can say the best so hope you don't mind the c&ping:


When you get to the cash at any Garage location, with any purchase, text SAVE to 369369 to instantly receive a mobile coupon of either 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, or 50%.
Standard charges for text messages may apply. The amount of those charges depends on the user's program with its wireless service provider.  The discount cannot be applied to previous purchases, to beauty products or to the purchase of gift cards. The discount expires on July 25th, 2010 and can be used only once. The discount cannot be combined with any other discount or employee discount. One mobile coupon per customer. This mobile coupon cannot be redeemed for cash. This mobile coupon cannot be forwarded. Garage is not responsible for lost or deleted mobile coupons.

That is the bulk of it. To read more about the rules and regulations:

Their breakdown of how many coupons are for which %age really sucks, with 90% of coupons being for 10% off, and only a designated 13 mobile coupons being 50% off. But hopefully you will get lucky and fall somewhere in between.

Unfortunately I think this subscribes you to Garage texts so you might want to check with the casher after you do this on how to unsubscribe.


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