FreshBooks Canada: The Best & Easiest Way To Invoice - First 3 Clients Free

FreshBooks Canada: The Best & Easiest Way To Invoice - First 3 Clients Free

Tired of mailing invoices, calling accounts payable people or hiring someone else to do it? Do it better, for free with Freshbooks!

You wanna know what kind of company Freshbooks is? Freshbooks the kind of company that, at one point in their career, did monthly draws to send birthday cake to a random customer who signed up for their service that month. Freshbooks is the kind of company whose founder wrote and published a free book on how to make you more money by working less. And best of all, Freshbooks is Canadian.

But what does Freshbooks do? They are essentially an invoicing service, but they are also so much more. The whole thing is online, so you can log in from wherever. You can even use their mobile app to track your billable hours in real time. As far as payment goes, you can take it via all the traditional means like credit card, bank transfer and cheque, but you can even choose to send the invoice with a PayPal button right on it, so there is no excuse not to get paid. If you are having troubles getting your money, Freshbooks will send reminders!

The best feature of all is that for your first three customers, it's totally free! Do you babysit two kids? Bill their parents with Freshbooks!

This isn't all that Freshbooks does though. There are tons of other features, but the stuff above is the main part of their service. Make sure you check out all the other features they have!

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