Free The Kitchen Clutter! Coffee K-Cup/Pod Drawer Unit, $20 @

Free The Kitchen Clutter! Coffee K-Cup/Pod Drawer Unit, $20 @

It feels so great to get rid of clutter and I think it's finally time to let my K-Cup carousel go. Besides the cat batting the K-Cups out of the holder on an almost daily basis, it's taking up too much space. This Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Storage Drawer can sit underneath your Keurig (or other) brewer, and holds 36 Keurig K-Cups, or, 42 CBTL/Verismo Coffee Pods! You can purchase this in either black, or white. It's on sale right now for $20, down from the original price of $30.

There are 169 customer reviews, and the overwhelming concensus is that it is a really good item to have in the kitchen!

I'm taking a closer look at this, and thinking how it looks as though it could even double as a cosmetics holder! I might order one for my coffee, and if it looks great for cosmetics, could order another.

Shipping is free if you order over $25, otherwise will start at $8, so you may just as well order some of these K-Cups (as mentioned in our Mega Coffee K-Cup Thread) to go with it: Timothy's Breakfast Blend K-Cups, 18 Count. They are selling for $9.77, but if you add them into your cart, shipping will then be free when purchased with the K-Cup storage drawer.

(Deal expiry: Unknown)


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