Free Stuff Canada: Free Poster Of Canadian Prime Ministers!

Free Stuff Canada: Free Poster Of Canadian Prime Ministers!

Not sure if anyone really wants to look at the faces of all the boring Prime Ministers, but a freebie is a freebie, so I’ll let you guys know about it, and you can order it if it tickles your fancy.

You can order a free poster of “Prime Ministers of Canada” from, the Cable Public Affairs Channel. Reports on other forums state that this freebie arrives pretty fast. You might also receive a free calendar as well, but I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Click here to order your free poster from!

You know, I can barely name who the prime minister is today, never mind any of the past ones. Maybe I’m just not politically minded. Politics bores me to death. I'd rather scoop out my eyes with spoons than think about politics. I'd rather disembowel myself with a rusty chisel than talk about politics. I'd rather chew off my own arm than have anything to do with politics. OK, do you get it yet... I'm not political! I just don't get it!


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  • Lisa
    I ordered this for my daughter's school. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it arrived on Friday.
    • Anna
      That was fast lisa!