Free Baby Slings @ SevenSlings (Pay Shipping)

Free Baby Slings @ SevenSlings (Pay Shipping)


Bumping with a new coupon code thanks to Bargainmooser Mindy! Bargainmooser Jessica has emailed me a nice little deal, which new moms might want to take advantage of. is giving away free baby slings, and you only have to pay for the shipping!

Click here to use the SevenSlings coupon code online

  • CouponCodes: onefree or thanksgiving
  • Discount: Free sling
  • Expires: Unknown

The slings show up on the website priced at $39 each. When you add one to your shopping cart and apply the coupon code, it discounts the $39 down to zero. There is "size exchange insurance" which you can take for $3.50 - but have a read of the T&Cs before you take that. Shipping is then $11.95, which is really reasonable, considering you are getting the sling itself for free.

I am seeing this type of sling being used more and more... or maybe I am just noticing it more because I am a new mom. I was travelling through an airport recently, and I noticed a lady with her toddler strapped to her back in one of these type of slings. The toddler look quite contorted, but she was out for the count, in the total relaxation of sleep.

I did a google to see if this offer had been mentioned elsewhere, to see how people fared. They are apparently related to uddercovers, who we have posted about on Bargainmoose before. Some people on this thread at babycenter have received their free baby slings.

Update: Bargainmooser Mindy says this since we last post about this offer:

It was exactly what they said it would be and it was only about 11$ shipping for a great sling.


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  • Joe
    A lady in one of my local playgroup is involved with the company, they wanted to find a cool special to kick-launch it - she posted this code on our message board about a week ago. It's legit!
    • Anna
      Thanks Joe :) !
      • Daisy
        Thanks Joe...I am worry about custom duty...isn't this a US company?
        • Anna
          Item is under $20, shouldn't be a problem, I think.
          • Daisy
            Thanks Anna...the original price of the product is over $20 so I am worry that they will charge me duty...and duty on fabric materials is very high. I have emailed the company to find out.
            • Mindy
              I didn't have any duty to pay :o) Apparently you can use the code THANKSGIVING more than once if you close the browser and make a new oder, which would also mean you can buy more than one without paying duty, sine they would be shipped separately :o)
      • Tera
        Canadians can't add the $3.50 size exchange insurance...they don't offer it to us....but still a great deal!
        • Jenn P.
          They had this deal a few months ago and I ordered one and just paid shipping. There was no duty or anything to worry about. It arrived in the mail no problem!
          • joy
            Just ordered mine and the promo still works. Many of the varieties are on backorder so selection is limited.
            • Karen
              how do you know the size for these slings???? from size 1 and up???
              • Anna
                Check out their sizing chart:
              • Lisa
                I bought one of these for a friend of mine and her infant son. She thought it was great. She could actually use both hands to do things and the baby just slept peacefully. It's awesome!
                • Robin
                  I bought one in Sept that was backordered until Nov 15th, and am still waiting for it to arrive. I have e-mailed the company twice but have not heard back. Hopefully it arrives soon-my baby is due Friday!
                  • Andrea
                    I love babywearing, and used slings with both my boys. Due to an increase in deaths due to misuse of slings/baby positioning, the CPSC (and the equiv in Canada), released statements the last 8-10 weeks. Basically, you can see the details here:
                    • Amanda
                      I ordered one of these in September and had no problems getting it, it arrived within a couple of weeks. There was no duty and I LOVE it!
                      • brenda
                        I can't figure out what the code is
                        • kim
                          I thought you had to type in "onefree / thanksgiving" but you actually just need to type in "onefree" and it'll accept it. Just bought one this morning. Hope there won't be any problems. I hardly buy stuff online so I get a bit nervous.
                          • Anna
                            Yes, the codes are either or.... either onefree or thanksgiving
                          • Marnie
                            I just got my sling not to long ago and I love it. The sizing is better than all the other slings i've seen. It's great. I don't leave home without it.