FitBit Flex 2 - $79.99 Shipped @ Chapters

FitBit Flex 2 - $79.99 Shipped @ Chapters

I have to admit, the FitBit either completely consumes me or I forget to put it on after charging. Seriously, it's that cut and dry. Having said that, perhaps I'm bored with my old bands and need to trade up for a FitBit Flex 2 on sale at Chapters for $50 off!

The FitBit technology in general is very impressive. I got right competitive with my girl friends who also have them. We were really consistent with daily and weekly challenges on the app, that left me running up and down the stair and in circles around my main floor, just so that I could go to bed knowing I was x number of steps ahead!

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With some of the newer models like theFitBit Flex 2, you're not only tracking your steps while challenging yourself and your friends; you're also able to receive text messages, track your sleep patterns and now even go swimming!

I really do kinda like that newbangle! That's been one of the downfalls with the version I have, it looks super sporty but isn't so appropriate for every occasion!

Not every FitBit is on sale but you can check out the whole line here.

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