$10 Ultimate Dining Card & $10 Shoppers Card With $75 Spend @ Shoppers

$10 Ultimate Dining Card & $10 Shoppers Card With $75 Spend @ Shoppers

This weekend you will definitely want to stop by Shoppers Drug Mart. Pick up your necessities, and you will be pleasantly surprised with two free gift cards when you spend $75 or more. On your $75 purchase, you will receive a free $10 Ultimate Dining Gift Card as well as a free $10 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card.

This offer applies to almost anything in the store. The excluded items usually included lottery tickets, fragrances, and some others. The gift cards will have expiry dates unlike real gift cards.

I love getting Ultimate Dining Gift Cards. They can be used at some of our favourite restaurants like Harvey's, New York Fries, Montana's, East Side Mario's Kelsey's and more.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the items on sale like Lantic Sugar for $1.99, Ruffles/Doritos 2 for $4, 6 Pack Pepsi or Coke $2.29, Eggs (Dozen), $1.77 and more.


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