Do It Yourself: Fun Family Portrait With LEGO Blocks

Do It Yourself: Fun Family Portrait With LEGO Blocks


With a toddler around, my picture frames have gotten knocked over and broken quite a number of times. I was looking for a cute and creative way to display our family photos without the use of picture frames, and I found the winner!

If you have LEGO Duplo Blocks or even Mega Bloks around the home, then this idea may be for you too. The steps are easy and you don't need to be an artist to do it yourself. Here what you'll need:

  • Epoxy Cement or a qualified glue
  • LEGO Duplo blocks or other larger building blocks
  • pictures of your choice
  • exacto blade

Step 1: Wash the LEGO bricks so that the glue and picture will stay on better. You can use a plastic cleaner, I just used mild soap and water. Some people say to sand the surface you are going to glue, but I wouldn't bother too much.

Step 2: Stack your blocks together in the desired shape. Make sure your photo is wide enough for the LEGO blocks and then apply a small amount of glue to the LEGO blocks or the picture. You don't want to put too much glue, it will cause the photo to look lumpy or it may even seep through the photo.

Step 3: Glue your photo onto the LEGO block structure. Make sure that the blocks don't glue together by accident. Another reason not to put too much glue.

Step 4: Once the glue has dried, you can use an exacto knife to cut the picture around the blocks.Then you can separate the blocks, leave them together or even mix and match. This would be fun if you had a few different pictures of your family members standing in the same position. Your toddler can then wear gram-pa's shoes.

Now if your toddler or family pet knocks these down, you won't have to worry about shattered glass everywhere. If you do this little Do It Yourself project, please show us your end results!

(Thanks icanteachmychild)


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  • Theresa
    This is a fun idea, but I'm surprised to see that you did not credit the source.
    • Anna W.
      Sorry Theresa, the image was going round on Facebook and we couldn't find the source! You know we usually do where we can :)
      • Theresa Google image search - took literally 1 minute.
        • Anna W.
          Thanks, added to post!