Dell Canada: Up to 30% off Dell Laptops

Dell Canada: Up to 30% off Dell Laptops

Get your mobile computing on with some great deals on Inspiron and XPS laptops at

For those of us on a budget (and who isn't) there are three 15" Inspirons for sub-$550 ($130 to $180 off). We've owned at least three Inspirons and I have had very little trouble with them. Any time we did, the Dell warranty  process was fantastic. They send you a box to ship it out via Purolator and the turnaround time is quite quick.

The real deal here is on the high end though. They have a 15" XPS L502X with a blu-ray player for only $899.99 ($360 off), which is a great deal. These blu-ray drives are still really expensive and this is a good way to get one for cheap! This would also be super helpful for a kid going away to college. Instead of cramming a TV and a blu-ray player into the dorm room, you just have the laptop with the blu-ray built in.

And finally for the people who don't really need the portability, there is a 17" XPS for $679.99 (Save $300). I've never owned a 17" laptop but I know a few people who have and, although I wouldn't get one due to their size and weight, they are great if you want to watch movies or do some gaming.

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