Deeply Discounted Mega Bloks Sets @ Now

Deeply Discounted Mega Bloks Sets @ Now


I was browsing some Mega Bloks sets on last week, and today, they’ve sent me an email with a list of some similar products which seem to be very good prices.

Here are the ones that the email shows me that are highly discounted, and my price comparisons thereon:

There were a few more discounted Mega Bloks items that I haven’t included in the list above because I was able to find similar prices at other stores, such as Walmart and Sears. If you spot one I haven’t mentioned above, make sure you price compare before finalising your purchase.

For those which are over $25, you’d get free shipping from automatically. There are great prices on these, and even something to consider buying now and putting away for a kid’s next birthday.

(Expiry unknown)


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