Coleman Sleeping Bags From $29.16 @ Amazon

Coleman Sleeping Bags From $29.16 @ Amazon

Is summer camping in your future? I can't wait to send the kids out into a tent for the evening. I was thrilled to pick up some Coleman sleeping bags at toasty warm prices today on Amazon.

This Trinidad warm weather sleeping bag is perfect for summer nights. It is $29.16 on markdown. Or if you are looking more for a three-season sleeping bag, check out the Palmetto cool weather sleeping bag for $39.46. But the coolest sleeping bag of all (pun intended) has to be this adjustable comfort sleeping bag for $69.40. It is perfect for those of us who take up the whole bed (cough husband).

What are your camping plans this summer?


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  • Mark W.

    Coleman got bought out by Newell Rubbermaid and they don't respond to customer inquiries. Products are all made in China.

    • miomio

      The link is wrong. :(