Chapters Indigo Canada: Kobo eReader on Sale

Chapters Indigo Canada: Kobo eReader on Sale


This weekend only the Kobo eReader is on sale! You save $21 (or approx. 14%) on the Kobo eReader this weekend. Price dropped from $149 to $128. Free shipping included.

Kobo Review by Avigayil:

Last night I was at Chapters and spent a good 20+ minutes playing with the Kobo:

The main features I like about the Kobo are how easy it is on the eyes, how light it is, and really how simple it is to navigate. That combo make it a really nice eReader. I suffer from migraines so easy on the eyes is of a primary concern, and I honestly didn't feel like I was looking at a screen the entire time I was reading. Though securely tethered the Kobo is VERY light, a big bonus if you want it to be transportable. Navigation, heck, hide the manual and I am sure a 1/2 hour with the Kobo and anyone can have the navigation and features figured out.

The main features I don't like about the Kobo is how I can't read 'landscape' as in lay the Kobo on it's side and have the page rotate. I also am not too fond about how the screen goes kinda odd when you 'flip' pages. I also don't like it doesn't support manga, but what eReader does? That is still up the road while.

I could see the acquiring of a Kobo actually getting me to read more. Though I am a manga reader primarily I did enjoy going back to my old favourites like Sherlock Holmes and Aesop's Fables while on the reader, it made reading them more enjoyable. Also I am a minimalist and I could see this being an absolute delight to stick books into, and not have shelves of books in the living room.

The price is a real winner too. At $128 right now I wouldn't feel like I am breaking my pocket book for such a swank new toy. (I want one).

So thats it for me, maybe someone who owns one of these has something to add?

Sale ends September 6, 2010.


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  • Kimmy
    I received one of these for my birthday. I really like how light it is. It will be great for travelling. It is really easy to load up and to use. The pages are real book sized, and it is easy on the eyes. You can change the font, which is nice. I do wish they had another option for charging it up as it only has a USB charger. I don't plan on taking my laptop on vacation with me, so I hope it stays charged up for my whole vacation.
    • Avigayil
      You can get an usb adapter for plugging into the wall. They can be as simple as $6, free shipping within Canada. There are fancier models too.
    • Gen
      This is great news! I am in the market for an eReader. I had bought the new Kindle, but cancelled my order when I found out I can't read books borrowed from the library on them. I was hesitating between the Kobo and the Sony, but with this deal, I'll definitely buy the Kobo. Thanks!
      • Kimmy
        Thanks for the tip Avigayil!
        • AnnieO
          I love my Kobo eReader. It's much nicer to lug the eReader instead of a fat or heavy novel in my purse. I find the novel prices are pretty decent (kobo prices definitely better than kindle prices). Plus there are always sales for the novels (ie. a buck or two off). I've heard many people like the Sony eReaders but the feel of a Kobo is much nicer with the soft quilted backing!
          • Avigayil
            I just got a Kobo!!! :-D OMG the back is sooo soft. Got a white one. So pretty. Btw, if you are a student and buy one now you can get entered into a draw for $5000 towards your tuition!
            • Anna
              I'll have to see one to see if it is good enough to replace my Sony 505 which I've had for a year and a half now :)
              • Alex
                I am happy with the reading experience on the Kobo e-reader and happy with the Kobo store but NOT happy with lack of the promised Bluetooth feature. I travel and do not own a laptop, so the BT feature is very attractive to me. I have just been informed by the KOBO staff, there are no plans to expand the BT feature to any phones other than the current few Blackberry models. Up until now, I was told BT is coming to other smartphones. You are better to go with the new wifi NOOK, which allows library borrowing. So far, neither Kindle or Barnes and Noble are making promises they have no intention of delivering.
                • Jo
                  Does the Kobo work with Canadian libraries as does the Sony?