Chapters Free Plum Rewards Card: Save 5% On Books Online

Chapters Free Plum Rewards Card: Save 5% On Books Online


Chapters is offering a new free rewards program called Plum Rewards, as an alternative to irewards. Collect Plum points (10 per dollar spent) with purchases in store and redeem for rewards. Plum points are not rewarded for purchases online, but you will save 5% off books ordered online. As an added bonus, get 100 plum points with your first purchase online or in store and get 400 bonus plum points when you complete your online profile.

Your plum rewards points can be redeemed in store. 2,500 points will get you a $5 reward and if you collect up to 35,000 points, you'll get a $100 reward!

You can't be a member of irewards and plum rewards. Choose the program that works best for you. An irewards card will give you 10% off book purchases in store, 5% off almost everything else in store, 50% off Globe and Mail Bestsellers online and up to 5% off book purchases online. Compare that to the new plum rewards which is free to join, saves you 5% on books online, and rewards you will points for dollars spent in store.

If you need help deciding whether irewards or plum rewards is best for you, speak to someone in store. I'm not a member of irewards because I don't like to pay ($35) for a discount program. I did sign up for the Plum Rewards though since it's free!

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  • Nicole
    Hey, this is great. There's something wrong with your sign-up link; it's pointing back to this post :)
    • Anna
      Thanks Nicole, fixed it up :)
    • Joe
      Psst - just thought I'd note, it used to be 5% off books online with the irewards program, but they've lately changed it to simply "member price", and now their extending their member price to this free program. Member price is "up to 5% off", but not necessarily 5%. They just sent an e-mail to irewards members about it today :) "The irewards online discount will change from 5% to up to 5%* effective April 4th, 2012. Member prices will be clearly indicated online so you'll always know how much you're saving. *Current member discount of 5% on books and audio books (except eBooks, used and out-of-print books) at Effective April 4th, 2012, members will save up to 5% on books and audio books (except eBooks, used and out-of-print books) at Member pricing will be indicated." Just thought I'd clarify that! I think it's great that they now offer a free alternative. And seeing as I mostly order my books online from them, I think I will just go with the free program once my irewards expires!
      • Joe
        Sorry I'm realizing I'm quoting a reference to the irewards program from the e-mail, but "member pricing" is the same for both programs. If you go on the Plum info page (, they do state "Enjoy member pricing of up to 5% off books online."
        • Avigayil
          So happy they have a free program now. I buy books online from them as well, rarely in store so this is great. I don't care if it is 5% or not, I always price compare with amazon.
          • Lizzy
            I am a member of plum rewards and I think it is great.
            • Abigail
              So I just signed up for the Plum Rewards but did NOT get the 400 plum points. Is there anything else I need to do?
              • Tom
                Hey, So if I collect 2,500 point ($250 worth of purchases) I get $5 back, basically 2% of what I spent. And if I collect 35,000 point ($3,500 worth of purchases) I get $100 back, which is 2.9% of what I spent. I should be getting excited, why? This is a terible deal.
                • Jodie
                  Thanks Tom for commenting a post from two years ago!