Chapters Canada:Kobo Touch $119 (was $139)

Chapters Canada:Kobo Touch $119 (was $139)

For those of you that are looking to get a new eReader, Chapters Canada has their Kobo Touch on sale for just $119 (regular price is $139).

So many people nowadays are switching over from books to eReader devices for their convenience.   This Kobo touch has some great features too.  You can adjust font size and type, it has bookmarks to save your location, 6 inch screen with built in wifi and the screen is so sensitive that you can use a glove with it.

Here is a customer review for the Kobo Touch:

I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought this back in August, but I absolutely love it! The screen is so crystal clear it is like reading a book. I bought an ebook version of a textbook for school and this was perfect! I was able to highlight important things and go back to whatever page/chapter I needed to. I can't get over how much I do love my Kobo :)

The deal that Chapters Canada is having is a really good offer.  I checked the price of the same Kobo touch at various stores and the best price was Chapters with this sale.  I found it at Staples for $139, at The Source for $139.99 and at Walmart for $129.99.  In fact out of about 6 stores I looked at, Chapters having it on sale for just $119 was the best price.

(Expires: 25th January 2012)


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