Chapters Canada: 20% Off Books, Home, Toys, & More with Visa Checkout

Chapters Canada: 20% Off Books, Home, Toys, & More with Visa Checkout


Chapters Canada has also teamed up with Visa Checkout to offer you a 20% discount on select items. Checkout with Visa Checkout and use your Visa credit card to pay in order to receive 20% off books, toys, home decor, and more.

This is the first deal with Visa Checkout that I am actually going to take advantage of right after I write about it. I love Chapters Indigo and use them instead of Amazon for book purchases. I try to encourage shopping at Chapters Indigo to keep Amazon from having a monopoly on online books sales. They generally have the same prices anyway. With this discount, you are most certainly getting a far better deal than at Amazon.

Visa Checkout is simple:

  • Choose Visa Checkout as your checkout option
  • Sign up via the ‘create account’ button if you have not already
  • Complete your purchase

If you have taken advantage of any of the previous Visa Checkout deals at other websites, then you already have an account.

There are a few exclusions that you need to know about:

Offer excludes Apple:registered: products and accessories; gift cards; Kate Spade:registered:, LEGO:registered: and Rosetta Stone:registered: products; used books/music/DVDs; and loyalty memberships or Love of Reading products or donations.

This discount is available up to a maximum purchase of $1,000.

I am going to purchase three 'books' with this offer: actually, they are all graphic novels that I am collection. First, I will purchase Saga Volume 3 and Saga Volume 4. I own one and two already. This comic is phenomenal - no wonder it is so critically acclaimed. Both graphic novels are $13.68 each. The discount should bring each volume down to just $10.94 (with Plum discount as well).

My third choice is Rat Queens Volume 2, which is not actually released yet. This volume will be released on May 19th. I own volume one and think this graphic novel is a solid piece of work. I really like that the 'main gang' is an all-female group with varying personalities (and looks). Each have their own issues and their own skills. I think the character development over the story is awesome. Currently this volume is $13.68 and should come down to $10.94 after both Visa Checkout discount and Plum Rewards discount.

Orders of $25 or more will ship to your home for free.

(Expiry: 31st May 2015)


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