Canadian Freebies: Tylenol Arthritis Pain Relief

Canadian Freebies: Tylenol Arthritis Pain Relief


Living Well has it's sample up again this week, and their are 3754 (out of 4000) left at this time! Hurry and get yours before they are all gone. This week's feature is Tylenol for Arthritis Pain. If your joints ache, try it out.

I have got several free samples from Living Well so far, and they are very dependable. My samples always come and though they vary in size from decent to very small, it's rather nice to get them every once in a while.

Edit: Had some troubles with the 'click here' link directing wrong for some unknown reason (they are both linked to the same link so it shouldn't be happening). If it happens to you and you get an odd registration page - come back to the BargainMoose and click on the banner instead.


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  • saad M.
    you have to delete the H in your link so it can work
    • Avigayil
      Fixed! thanks.
    • lisa
      I can never get the living well offers to work for me. I put in my informaiton and it keeps tellig me there was an error in the form and that the email field is blank ... but it's not ... it just doesn't seem to recognize my email addy. I tried signing up for an account with living well and that worked. But then I can't get back to the page where the trial offers are ... any suggestions ... am I the only one experiencing this?
      • Anni
        I can never ever get the Living well stuff to work either. I'm registered on their website. This deal i clicked on the 2 different ways u linked us to and it doesn't show any free trial for Tylenol at all. So Lisa ur not the only one. Anyone know what's happening?