Canadian Freebies: Random Sample From D'Lites

Canadian Freebies: Random Sample From D'Lites


This is a bit of a strange freebie available to Canadians, but I have checked out a few forums and found some people who have got it so it looks promising!

Get a free sample randomly selected from our fine line of candles, bath, body and aromatherapy products.  Free samples include: candles, incense, bath salt, bath oil, shower gel, perfume, lotion and fragrance oil.

(People seem to be having trouble getting this offer, going to expire it for now)

If you like what you get:

They will send you an email to confirm your email address, and you need to click "Activate" in that email to receive your sample. Mine went to my junk mail folder so you might want to check yours if you don't receive your confirmation immediately.

Also, you do not need to sign up for a SmarterSamples account unless you want to, just un-click the box and that stuff will disappear.

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  • Annie
    I'm Annie from Ontario, Canada. I clicked your link re: candles etc. I had to register on, and they sent me the email to activate it which I did. I can't find anywhere that it talks about the candles etc stuff you are talking about on here. Is there something I'm missing? It said "no available offers."
    • James G.
      Well, it's 7:08 and I just tried the link to the D'Lites free samples and I too had to register with some freebie company, fill in a survey, etc. and then was told that there was no current offer. When I tried the link again, I got an "Ooops, there's no such link" message. Something's amiss.
      • Carole
        Same as above no current offers
        • Shannon M.
          After signing up and filling two questionnaires; I can't access the "Click here to request your free sample" as I get an "Oops page not found".