Canadian Freebies: Meal Planner From Muellers Pasta

Canadian Freebies: Meal Planner From Muellers Pasta

You can get yourself a free 12 month meal planner if you order it online from the Mueller's Pasta website.

Note: the birthday field seems to have a glitch, so just leave it blank. I filled in the rest of my details and it worked just fine. It says. " Thanks for registering. Look for your free planner in the mail soon."

The Canadian provinces are in the drop-down list, so this should be a great freebie!

While you probably don't have to stick to the meal plans (it's not a diet system), it could give you some great ideas for new pasta dishes to try out. I love cooking with pasta, but I probably end up making the same 5 dishes over and over again, with slight variations. I've got to be more adventurous and try out new things!


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  • nina
    Awesome! Thanks for the link, Anna. I'm always looking for new pasta dishes (the same ones get old after a while). Hope there's some good ones in the planner!
    • lc
      :( The site now says "Offer available ONLY in select states." and doesn't have the Canadian provinces in the drop-down :(
      • Anna
        Yep, deal ended! :)