Canadian Freebies: Hydrasense Free Welcome Kit

Canadian Freebies: Hydrasense Free Welcome Kit

Hydrasense Free Welcome Kit

Get over $50 worth of products and rebates when you sign up for Hydrasense Dolphins Club!

All you have to do is sign up for Dolphins Club membership and you will get $50 worth of Hydrasense products and rebates as well as a Dolphin Bath Glove. If you are unfamiliar with Hydrasense, it is a line of products aimed at relieving and reducing cold symptoms such as nasal congestion and drainage, sinus pressure, and sore throat.

As one of the lucky people this season who caught the cold twice, I am really looking forward to some relief when I open my welcome kit.

Thanks Catherine. :)


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  • Gen
    This is great! I just bought the new Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator for kids. I have a 13 month old who has a cold and it's THE BEST to empty his nostrils. A MUST HAVE! We got it at Shoppers on sale a few days ago.
    • Fred
      I haven't tried Hydrasense but am a fan of the Sinus Rinse kit. With Hydrasense you have to buy bottles of the stuff and could possible go through them quickly. With the Sinus Rinse you get packets you mix yourself. The pharmacist also recommended it saying it is easier to use than hydrasense. I can honestly say I have noticed dramatic improvement with sinus problems and haven't got any of the colds my family has had and I generally get them all!
      • joy
        I finally got my sample today. I had forgotten about it. All that was in the package was the dolphin clothes, a small 5 ml sample of the hydrasense and a pocket size of facial tissues. There was also a booklet with about $20 worth of coupons for various products.
        • Frederique
          I am glad you have received you Welcome Kit! Thank you for using hydraSense.