Canadian Freebies: Box of Pillsbury Pie Crusts

Canadian Freebies: Box of Pillsbury Pie Crusts


In celebration of Thanksgiving General Mills Canada in conjunction with is offering a coupon for a free box of Pillsbury pie crusts.

I hope this coupon falls into the hands of some busy bakers. I have never made a pie before, but with a pre-made crust I am sure I could give it a go. You can buy pie filling, so really it can't be that hard to make one if you don't want to do it from scratch. Just something a little different than buying the entirely pre-made pie.

Coupon available till October 14, 2010 or while supplies last.


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  • Gail
    very frustrating site..tried about 4 x..get to the part send coupons ..and keeps saying i haven't selected any..i'm logged in and all..grrrr..loves ya..Gail
    • Avigayil
      when you go through the initial page (where this link links you too) and then go 'select more coupons' make sure to reselect the pillsbury coupon, it should be the first one. Sometimes it unselects it.
      • jay
        Same problem... solution: picked the next two coupons listed (just the first one wasn't enough). When I did that, it finally seemed to go through.
    • Mrs. S.
      We love pie and to get one from Pillsbury is a treat!
      • KK
        It says the coupon will be mailed to you!
        • joy
          Anyone ever get theirs? Mine never came!